Pub Battles: Homebrew

A playtester’s guide to enjoying the Pub Battles System. I have my favorite version of this robust system, but I am here to answer any questions about the official rules as well. To order the games go to the Command Post Games website:

Now that Pub Battles 3.0 rules are out I am going to be revising many of my earlier posts. Anything I post going forward, including earlier posts that I’ve updated for 3.0, will have 3.0 in the title.

If your curious about the system here’s an overview.

If you are new, here’s my quick start rules

My current homebrew rules are here.

My rules discussions are here: Movement rates  How can a unit just sit there?   When to Alter Turn Order   More combat rules?    Chit Draw

My Variants are here: Night Rally   Optional Leadership  Baggage Trains  Solitaire with Written Orders    

Gettysburg posts: Stonewall at Gettysburg   

Waterloo posts: 3.0 has rendered my Waterloo post unnecessary and it has been removed.

Play the Map!


I was surprised by the victory! Didn’t see it coming. I really get how a commander could be fighting desperately and all of a sudden his army starts disappearing as troops start running of or simply surrendering. Also, I hope you enjoy the little interlude.

My Pub Battles Dice

These are reinforcement labels for three ring binders.

As I mature, I find small print difficult, not impossible, just annoying. Picking out details takes more effort. I want the challenge to come from the game itself, not the components. To that end, I’m trying something a little different. Hit or Miss dice. I can easily and quickly count how many hits I got.

The only adjustment I have to make is with die roll modifications. Instead of adding or subtracting from the die roll, I just add or subtract the actual number of dice rolled.

Four hits just counts as three hits.