My Smooth Brew

This blog will be updated from time to time as I find smoother and cleaner ways to play Pub Battles.

Title in bold. Rule is normal font. Discussion/clarification in italics.

Chit draw procedure.

1. When a chit is drawn, the owner may attempt to delay. If successful, another chit is drawn before the original chit is returned to the cup.

2. When a chit is played, the opposing player may flip an HQ to spent and attempt to go instead. 

3. If successful, the opposing chit is returned to the cup and the HQs chit is played. Return to step 2. (Else end*)
*for programmers who might get caught in a loop! 

This avoids the pileup of drawn chits awaiting movement.


This rule replaces the regular flanking rule.

If a defender is in contact with more than one opponent subtract one from its attack dice for the round.

If a unit is attacked on the side opposite its front, it is considered outflanked as per the regular rules. (-1,+1)

This allows for simulating a more flexible front than the wood blocks permit and avoids all the fiddling around trying to orient a unit “just so.”

3/8″ base depth

If a unit ends its move within one base depth of another unit (3/8″) move it into contact.

This is to make it clear to everyone whether a unit is in contact or not, and recognizes the real limits to precision with a board that gets jostled, or fingers trying to push blocks into place.

Moving out of contact

A unit which begins its movement in contact with an enemy unit must end its movement remaining in place, or more than 3/8″ away from any enemy unit.

Written Orders

These written orders rules work well for solo games and two player games between non-contentious players. The fun of using these rules is the delay in transmission.

Baggage TrainsPost here. A couple things:

Night Turn Recovery.

During the Night Turn, each BT can rally, move, or recover an eliminated unit.

Recovering Eliminated Units – A previously eliminated unit may be returned to the map spent by placing it adjacent to its HQ. The HQ must be within 1/3 Mounted Move.

Black Powder Urban Warfare

Units firing at a unit occupying a Town get +1 to their dice

Towns that are less than one half of a width of a block are ignored for rules purposes, being too small to be occupied.

Black Powder Era commanders avoided urban combat. This was before the days of small unit tactics, and units were trained to fight as regiments delivering volleys. When they were unable to do that they grew skittish and panicky. Command became chaotic at best. It just wasn’t done, if at all avoidable.

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