The Cost!!!

Many folks look at the cost of Pub Battles games and complain that they are just too expensive, especially for a game that is so easy to play! Maybe if it were buried under an impenetrable 100 page rule book and had lots of charts and tables and was completely unplayable…

I don’t mind paying a lot for a game that I play a lot. Especially, if it has truly beautiful components. FYI – I own every pub battles title and I paid full price for them. In case you’re thinking that I get them for free because I’m a play tester.

It is important to note that the price people are complaining about is the top end fully loaded Cadillac version of the game with all the bells and whistles, including the canvas map. It is possible to get a perfectly fine copy of the game with a paper map (nice Quality) and you will have to make your own measuring sticks (a template is included). You still get wooden pieces. You can get Brandywine for $62.66, and Antietam and Marengo for a little more. Even Gettysburg can be had for as little as $83.25.

If that’s not cheap enough, you have a chance to get the games for free if you send Command Post Games a picture showing you playing a game in public (you will have to buy the first game). Check their website for details.

The only drawback to buying a paper map is that it is not as durable as a canvas map. I play these games at bars pubs and they get spilled on, set on messy tables, you name it. The canvas wipes clean. I have several games that I have played over a hundred times and the maps still look brand new!

I realize that at over $50 these games are expensive. Too expensive to just throw your hard earned money at on a whim. I hope that after reading a few of my introductory posts you might be inclined to take the plunge and try one out!

2 thoughts on “The Cost!!!

  1. Thanks for your blog! Because of it I hinted around to my wife to get me a copy of the rules and Antietam. Well, Merry Christmas to me…she came through! I am now stickering the blocks and rereading the rules to test them out with Monmouth before I go to Antietam. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any of the gold leader stickers for Monmouth. I wrote to CP games and am awaiting their response.

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  2. Definitely let me know about those stickers, I’ll shake Marshall if he doesn’t get to it.

    The thing I like about Monmouth is it whets your appetite for more. Of the two lead playtester, one of us loves Monmouth, and the other (me) feels the true strength of the system isn’t realized until the bigger battles are played.

    Antietam is one of my favorite go to Pub Battles.

    As far as the measuring chains go, my personal view is that much precision isn’t really necessary. I use them for road movement, and then pretty much eye things up for “close enough” in most other situations.

    In my view of the map showing the commander the “best intelligence” estimates of unit positions and such, fine measuring is really not appropriate.

    That’s just my style, others live and die by the hairs breadth. It’s whatever feels right for you. The system is robust enough to accommodate everyone’s style.

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog! As questions arise, please don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications. The rules are brief for easy assimilation, but that also opens them up to varied interpretation.


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