The Realism of Pub Battles

You want a realistic system? This is the reality!

Some players feel like Pub Battles is too simplistic. They want more detail. If that’s what they want, then Pub Battles is delivering an authentic experience. Every commander in history has wanted more detail. They hungered for all the intel they could gather. Did they get it? Ha! The more detailed the intel, the more likely its inaccuracies!

The best way to think of Pub Battles and what it is simulating, is to imagine yourself in your command tent, looking over the map that your staff has prepared for you. It has all the latest and best information. Is it accurate? You hope so. Historically, its probably mostly accurate, but it isn’t an exact mirror image.

On top of that, you have people. People who must receive and carry out your directions. Do they understand? Do they think you understand what their situation is? Do you think you understand what the situation is? You’re telling them to take Sharpsburg, but they haven’t even crossed the Antietam, yet! Was this message meant for Hooker’s Corps? How much time is lost while riders scurry back and forth confirming orders?

This is what the chit draw simulates. You can have a good plan, but if the chit draw (chance) doesn’t cooperate, at least a little, you may find your scheme dashed. How you react and respond to what happens is what really makes a good commander.

This is Pub Battles at its core.

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