Kriegspiel style Artillery in Pub Battles

I believe that with the addition of the requirement for an unpacked Baggage Train to Rally from spent, that the proscription against spent artillery bombarding is too much.

New Artillery rules:

Spent artillery may bombard.

New support rules.

Each hit may be applied to either the front, or the supporting block, in combat (owner’s choice). Note that only infantry blocks can support in combat!

I want to make sure these feel right, and don’t open up any loopholes.

Let me know what your reservations might be, or why you think this might be inappropriate. 

2 thoughts on “Kriegspiel style Artillery in Pub Battles

  1. Agree with you : “spent artillery bombarding is too much”.
    That’s why i use cavalery rule : artillery don’t need bagage train to rally. Why ? 1,5 hour isn’t enough to emptied canon balls. But we can understand that counter battery push the artillery to move so it has to rally before firing. 1 turn is lost. So artillery could rally like cavalery.

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  2. Thanks, Mat!

    I’m glad that you agree. Now I just need to test it out. I come up with these ideas from time to time and usually end up discarding them because they don’t feel right, or are too much work for the result. So far, with 7 turns of one game played, they seem to work pretty well.


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