Most Recent Homebrew

As with all my Homebrew rules, these are ways I find that enhance the system, with out adding weight to the rules. This includes and replaces any previous homebrew rules I’ve used.

Artillery – Spent Artillery may fire.

Originally, pre Baggage Train Rally rule, blocks just rallied from spent automatically if they didn’t move. So the proscription from bombardment felt right. Now, with an unpacked Baggage Train required to rally, it is too harsh. If you don’t rally your artillery, it is still very vulnerable, just not nearly useless! Instead of being a new rule, this is just eliminating an old rule!

Cavalry – Foot retreating from mounted are eliminated.

It just feels wrong to have mounted charge foot, and then have them pull back while the cav just stands there!

Infantry – Supporting infantry blocks may choose to suffer any of the hits of the unit they are supporting.

This makes more sense when Infantry are guarding Artillery, or if you imagine the two defending blocks half as wide and double deep. You can also imagine elite troops, or Grenadier Regiments, “stiffening” the line by ignoring the first hit.

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