From the British Command Post at Brandywine19

With this video I finally figured out how to do some editing techniques that I really needed for my vids. Let me know what you think! I know I’ve got a lot of room for improvement, but it’s a start.

Brandywine is a race for the British. As the British player, you only have five turns to get the job done. As the Colonial player, you can only back up so far before you expose the major roads, and the British only need capture one.

Fire on the Brandywine!

This time, Cornwallis lights up the Brandywine himself, while Knyphausen slams the door. Check this out. Did Cornwallis miss a chance at an even easier victory?

I’m curious what your experiences have been with this Pub Battles scenario, when deviating from Howe’s plan.

The Brandywine flows red!


Howe tries one more time to sweep the colonials by attacking from the South at Brandywine. This time I was playing with my latest FoF rule. If you end your move within 1/3 foot move (~ 1/2 mile) of an enemy unit, you MAY move your piece into contact. If you move end your move within one base thickness (500′) you are considered to have contacted the unit and are moved adjacent to signify it.

I found this to be very seamless and smooth to play. This was probably because that’s how I usually play anyway. I don’t get to precise with movement because any wargame movement rate is based on a lot of assumptions and estimates.

Field of Fire Redux

I tried the variant in my recent post and quickly found it wanting. 1/3 is just too much! That is basically a half mile away, and forcing troops a half mile away to fight, with muskets that aren’t effective at much beyond 50′, seems a little silly. Then again, determined troops that are trying to reach an enemy aren’t going to stop 2/3 of the way there! If a block can move its full move and fight x rounds of combat, then a determined attacker should be able to follow through and make the attack if within a third.

Here is what I am going to try next:

A unit that finishes its movement within 1/3 of an enemy unit may be moved to contact, if it finishes its move within one base thickness (3/8″) it must be moved to contact.

Stay tuned for my next video and we shall see how this plays out!