Fire on the Brandywine!

This time, Cornwallis lights up the Brandywine himself, while Knyphausen slams the door. Check this out. Did Cornwallis miss a chance at an even easier victory?

I’m curious what your experiences have been with this Pub Battles scenario, when deviating from Howe’s plan.

The Brandywine flows red!

2 thoughts on “Fire on the Brandywine!

  1. I noticed that you brought Knyphausen down the Nottingham Great road on turn 4. I thought the rules allow the Brits to enter on turn 1 at New road or on the left or center areas as seen on page 5 of the rules?

    I’m enjoying your videos by the way and have just finished stickering my Brandywine units. Question: what are the extra units used for? I have Lee and McDougall-Connecticut and Smallwood-NJ militia as “extras”. Thanks…Jim

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  2. Hey Jim! Those are great questions!

    In Brandywine, one command must start along the Brandywine. The other command can either enter right behind them on turn one, or may flank march and enter one of the two other sides on turn 4. If they flank march, the game begins on turn four.

    The other pieces are used if you purchase the Germantown scenario. Since the OBs are almost identical, there is no sense in making people pay for two nearly identical sets, and Germantown is less expensive. This is explained on the website if you go to the Germantown page.

    Thanks for the kind words about my videos. I try really hard to make them entertaining to watch.


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