This video is significant for two reasons. The first is that I believe I have finally gotten all the setup right (my fault, not the publisher’s!), and because I added a speedy recap at the end.

The final detail I overlooked, even though it was in boldface on the setup sheet, was that Detachments could setup as much as one full mounted rang from Howe. This is why, if you place Howe at the extreme North tip of the British setup area, it is one mounted move from Chew House.

This time I figured out how to add an accelerated format clip of the whole battle (20x faster) that allows for one to get the feel for the whole flow of the Battle. Basically, I use the software to export the video in MP4, then import that back into the editing software, then take that single clip and speed it up. Sounds simple, but until I figured that out, it was a pretty daunting task.

Blah, blah, blah. Without further ado…

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