Pub Battles: Austerlitz just went on sale!

If you are curious how they handle the setup, in simplest terms it works like this:

Napoleon can choose how large a force he wants to bring on. Regardless of what he chooses, all HQs begin on the map. If he goes all in, he must win decisively, if he brings minimal forces, the Coalition must win decisively.

This means, as the Coalition player, you must attack aggressively from the outset to win. If you discover Napoleon has gone all in, you need to switch to the defensive; the sooner, the better!

The fog in the morning doesn’t help!

As soon as I get my copy I’ll be doing some replay videos. We can all laugh at my first feeble attempts to master the field!

3 thoughts on “Pub Battles: Austerlitz just went on sale!

    1. Marshall and I played Germantown by text yesterday. He was the nominal ref, and we played a gentleman’s game. It was double blind, we only knew what we could see. We would text each other a pic of our moves when we attacked somewhere. If we discovered our troops would have run into other troops elsewhere, we backed up. It can work playing this way, if you want it to.

      I didn’t know it, but he had decided to bring on a smaller force, allowing him to threaten colonial positions elsewhere in the theater. Rather than defeat me, all he had to do was hold the road while his other forces wreaked havoc elsewhere. He just wanted to try an “Austerlitz” kind of victory condition.

      I ended up playing overly cautious because I couldn’t figure out where the rest of his army was, I could have mopped up the floor with his troops and dined in Philadelphia that night had I known the size of actual force!


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