Germantown Scenario Setup Guide

A few notes on the Setup, and a video guide as well.

Item one: The scenario rules say that a detachment may occupy Cliveden (Chew House). What isn’t as clear is that the British may setup with a detachment in Cliveden.

Item two: The British command rules are clearly explained and I still go it wrong! Let me restate it here. Knyphausen and Cornwallis appear on turns 3 and 5 respectively. The British start with Howe in command of all British forces and they move when Cornwallis chit is activated. On turn 3 when Knyphausen arrives, his command activates when he is drawn, and Howe activates with Cornwallis’ troops when Cornwallis’ chit is drawn. When Cornwallis arrives on turn 5, he takes over his command and Howe acts as Army Commander, providing combat command to all British troops in range of his Block.

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