From the Command Post: Waterloo18

Waterloo from the Point of View of an officer in Napoleon’s command tent. A quick ten minute video, yet I believe it is easier to follow and more immersive than any video I’ve ever done before. Let me know what you think of it and what your first impressions are of this style. I also use zooming and panning to help the viewer see the action. Spoiler in the text below, so watch the video before reading below the video!


So I was tired and not interested in continuing the battle to a second day. What do you think? Could the French have beaten the Prussians on Day 2, or would Blucher have won? Assume that the Prussian forces do arrive on day 2, but Grouchy does not. Napoleon would be shy a couple infantry blocks and 2 or 3 cavalry blocks. Prussian I Corps would be short one block.

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