Command at Austerlitz 18

French cuirassiers taking position

This is my first video done as a narration from the command tent. This time it is from the Coalition command’s perspective. SPOILER ALERT Below the video I am going to be discussing the outcome, so make sure you’ve watched it beforehand!

One thing that is fun to watch, and it is really obvious in the high speed version that runs at the end of the video, is the switch from attack to defense that the Coalition army has to do when they realize that Napoleon has gone “All in.” In the main video, this happens at ~4:30.

This is how the battle is supposed to flow. The Coalition must attack all out, and assume Napoleon has brought on no extra Corps, beyond Davout. Because if he has not, then the Coalition must decisively defeat him, or they lose.

On the other hand, if Napoleon has brought everything, then he must win decisively, or it is a Coalition victory.

When I play double-fisted solo, I roll when the Coalition spots any of the optional HQS (Napoleon, Bernadotte, Murat, Bessiers). On a 4+ Napoleon has brought on everything. Not knowing until that critical moment makes for a fun game. One of the upsides to Pub Battles is that it plays very quickly, so if you have made a mistake, you can play out the battle quickly to its conclusion, without feeling like you’ve wasted the whole weekend.

At the end of the Battle, both of Murat’s cuirassiers attack towards the Pratzen, which is what their orders were. If one were playing by normal Pub Battles rules, it would have been pretty obvious where the IV Corps bags were probably located, and a sharp player would have guessed that and sent one of the cuirassiers to attack it, ending the game with a French victory. However, I chose to play that the cavalry were focused on the Pratzen and the defenders to their front, and that’s how they attacked.

Actually, when I first played, I did attack the bags and end the game. I was tired after filming the video and just wanted the game over with. I also had a fun bit where there was a knock at my door, and I went and answered it, and it was Murat asking for my surrender!

But I didn’t want a win based on meta-game knowledge. Especially when I was so focused on creating a “you are there!” video. Let me know what you think about my 1st person Narration. I will improve with practice. Creating more of the command tent feel. Pub Battles is supposed to simulate the view of the battle from the command tent, with officers gathered around a table with a map on it. Staff officers running in and out with updates from the field, adjusting the map.

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