Coming soon: Austerlitz

Austerlitz scenario with its large 24″x34″ map

Soon to be released (I’m betting in a fortnight, barring any hang-ups) is the Pub Battles: Austerlitz scenario. The price point they’re hoping to be able to hold to is around $100 for the Cardstock map, and $140 for the canvas map. You know me, I’m all in for the canvas map. However, short of any concerns about getting ale or salsa spilled on it, the cardstock is a perfectly viable option. I love the green hue of the map!

I apologize for totally missing the boat on the Germantown scenario release. My copy is on its way post haste dispatch, and I hope to be doing an unrolling video and first playthrough, soon.

10 thoughts on “Coming soon: Austerlitz

    1. OoB is one of the more delicate parts of Pub Battles design. Although each of the blocks is given a unit name, that’s really just window dressing. You start with the number of men in the corps, then you look at the number of elite or Green troops.

      You’ll notice at Waterloo the Prussians have entire divisions of Landwehr. They weren’t grouped like that, but at the Corps level there were 50% Landwehr, so two out of four blocks are Landwehr.
      Beyond that, there is leader Quality. Pub Battles recognizes that the best troops were generally paired with the best leaders. Rarely was a whole division elite troops, and there were a lot of veteran troops. Pair them with a competent leader, and how do you simulate that? Pub Battles takes one of the blocks and makes it elite. Now that Corps is much more effective. Now it becomes more reliable and resilient. Go ahead and name it guards or Grenadiers, make it cool and easy to imagine. Boom! That’s Pub Battles.


      1. I agree with that. Nevertheless, I understand that there is no OoB finished yet. My anniversary will be without Austerlitz. I am impatient to try Germantown too.

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  1. I am happy to report that the last hurdle has been crossed! The issue with any Austerlitz scenario has always been how do you get the Austrians and Russians to fight without the misinformation that Napoleon had fed them?

    When you see their simple solution, the answer is obvious, and you’ll wonder why it hasn’t always been gamed this way.


    1. With an historical set up, it’s seems obvious for me that you have to fix geographical objectif for the Austrian-Russian (and may for the french). Other way, they should not make their historical move (and mistake).
      The problem come with the non historical set up. Just put the HQ one the map could be one solution.
      But with what objective ? Destroy the enemy Big HQ ?Take his supply road ? I don’t want to see the russian just seat there and waiting for the french : every army should have an attacking objective.


      1. Mat, this is what I can divulge. The details are not firmed up, but in simplest terms:
        The French always have II, IV, and V Corps. They may optionally include All, one, or none of; The Guard, Murat’s Cav, I Corps. Either way, all the HQ blocks, chits, and reserve cards are used.
        If the French Start with all, they must defeat both armies, if the French include none or one of the optional Corps, the coalition must win.
        All the French HQs begin on the map, so the Coalition forces must attack to win. Only time will tell the true size of the French Army. IOW The only result is a major victory, there are no ties or minor victory conditions.


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