Every once in awhile you play a wargame and it turns out so cool that you’re wishing you had recorded it. Well, this time I did! Pub Battles: Antietam

I mention some upcoming buildings rules. I make them sound much more official than they are. Take them with a grain of salt. That being said, they do work really well. In summary
1. Infantry suffers a -1 when attacking into buildings.
2. Cavalry cannot attack into buildings.
3. Bombardment suffers no penalty when firing into buildings (howitzers).
4. Spent units in buildings cannot recover.

2 thoughts on “Antietam9

    1. Thanks, man! I was leery of sharing them since they haven’t been fully tested and aren’t official yet. Nothing kills a game like having multiple versions of the rules floating around. At the same time, I didn’t want somebody to think I wasn’t doing the rules right. Please give me some feedback if you get a chance to try them out! I am a playtester, and your opinion matters.


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