Gettysburg delayed

Pub Battles: Gettysburg is a great meeting engagement, but I always wondered what it would be like if the two massive armies had faced each other in a set piece affair. To try it out, this is what I came up with: What if Reynolds had lived, and had judged the situation as too precarious around Gettysburg? Meade maintains his plans of defending Pipe’s Creek.

Lee, does not take the bait. Furthermore, he refuses to become engaged until Stuart arrives and scouts the area.

Finally, Washington will not allow Meade to sit back while Northern papers report “The Rapine and Pillaging of Gettysburg!” On July 8, Meade advances on Gettysburg.

Confederate – All forces begin on the map. Set up first, anywhere 1 mounted move from the Southern Map edge and one mounted move from the Eastern map edge and North of the Hanover Road.
Union – All forces begin on map. Set up within 1 infantry move of the South map edge, and within one infantry move of the East map edge, south of the Hanover road.

Victory Conditions: Meade must at least Force Lee Back (cause him to pack up a Baggage Train), or the North suffers a major defeat.

Here is a video of my first play. I always like first plays because it feels most like how the actual commanders felt. I have played the regular Scenario over a hundred times, that is very different from what Lee and Meade were facing!

The great what if!

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