Brandywine demo 13

Pub Battles Brandywine. What if Howe flank attacked from the South? Can Greene’s troops face down Cornwallis’ best?

3 thoughts on “Brandywine demo 13

  1. Great battle report and very interesting outcome. I have to read up Moore as to why the British decided to go north instead of flanking south. …And hey those look like cool unit storage boxes off to the side?

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    1. Thanks for the feedback! I can’t go I to that kind of detail (regarding draw and various mechanics) without creating really long videos.

      There really wasn’t a viable Southern crossing unless they went way South, as I understand it. Whenever I come in from the south there never seems to be enough time.

      Those unit boxes are jewelry boxes I bought on Amazon. They come in batches of 24th I think, so plenty to go around. 😉


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