The Battle formerly known as Austerlitz!

Pub Battles Austerlitz: One Sharp Blow! This time Napoleon brought everything, determined the exact moment… and the Coalition delivered the one sharp blow! Tune in to my four minute video and find out who ended up winning what will be renamed The Battle of Solkonitz & Telnitz.

Post your thoughts on the battle, I’d love to hear it. I think this replay deserves some commentary, but I can’t do it without a big SPOILER ALERT! So we’ll discuss it in the comments.

One thing that is different is the way towns are handled in this scenario. Unlike ACW towns, many European towns are composed of stone buildings and are even walled. As such, units don’t become spent upon entering them, and may rally. Also, units in towns can’t be flanked. This change is significant, and gives Austerlitz a unique feel.

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