Complex Combat resolution

An explanation of the way I resolve complex combats. It’s kind of a simpler short hand way of combat resolution. Of course, I fully support and will answer any questions about the “right” way to do this.

4 thoughts on “Complex Combat resolution

  1. Thanks for this. I like the idea of cancelling balanced flanks.

    It’d be helpful to know what dice you’re rolling when you resolved the remaining flank ‘simultaneously’?


    1. 3 dice each, with flanking bonuses.

      I do not grant the flanking bonus for merely attacking the flank, it requires either a single rear attack, or being contacted on multiple sides. In this example, it wouldn’t have made a difference.

      In the official rules, the flanker that wasn’t flanked would have gotten an attack, and the flanker that did get flanked would have chosen between its two attacker’s whom to attack. The block it was flanking at +1, or the block flanking it at -1.

      I hope this answered your question!

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