Waterloo2 in under a minute!

Less than a minute if you don’t count my ending summation!

This shows just how tense and fraught this game can be. The winner was determined by the chit draw on the final turn. You can’t really blame the chit draw. The game was “lost” earlier, when it was allowed to come down to the chit draw.

The breaking point of the army being determined by the capture of the enemy’s Baggage is an absolutely brilliant way to determine victory. Kudos to the designers (I was not in on this, so I’m certainly not blowing my own horn). Adopting this single rule was one of those “Aha!” moments that suddenly made the game WORK. Rather than a dull wearing away of the army trying to get to that magic 50% casualty number (still an option), the game now has a sudden death mechanism that makes every turn and combat result significant.

The game has three very general phases. The combatants first (through maneuver and combat) try to force their opponent to unpack their bags. Once that is done and the parameters of the battle are established (where the focal points are located and who has the initiative). Finally, the game is decided when the enemy bags are captured, losses run to 50%, the scenario time runs out or, best of all, when your opponent waves the white flag and acknowledges your overwhelming mastery on the field of battle!

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