Video replay: Antietam2

This time the Union won on turn 7. Burnside caught Lee in a classic forked check. Both of Lee’s Baggage Trains were exposed and he couldn’t cover them both before Burnside activated.

As I work to improve my videos, I would appreciate any suggestions. My next project is to include some text commentaries and a turn marker.

3 thoughts on “Video replay: Antietam2

  1. Arghhh you spoil the battle !!!! In the first sentence !!! I play Union again my child (10 years) on sunday. You know what ? He played like an aggressive Jackson !! His confederate corps attacked first my poor 1st Union corps : I had to retreat then unpacked in order to rally my divisions. But Stonewall followed me and stroke again…. My baggage train has been caught or destroyed…. And I loose the battle in turn 3…


    1. I really like that about 3.0! Previously, it always felt like you were gunning each other to death. Now it is intense.

      I take your hint, Next time I won’t mention who wins in the description.


      1. In watching the game again, I realized that on turn five, rather than do a flank attack, the Confederate cav could have sacked the Union bags (at 6:15 in the video). This game should have been a turn 5 confederate victory!


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