Replay 5.1 Brandywine Redux

What if, on the fingertip ledge of determination, Washington holds on?

After I cam back to pick up the game, I thought I might go ahead and see what might have happened if the colonials hung on and didn’t abandon the field before dark. What if they tried to hold on instead on turn 6. Turns 6, 7, and 8 are a long time to hang on when there is almost no room left to retreat. The edge they have, and the only edge that could make this workable, is they can unpack their baggage train right behind the line, whereas the English have their baggage unpacked a couple miles away across the Brandywine.

Greene fights a brilliant delaying action and Maxwell’s troops stand toe to toe with the best troops in the world!

With the new 3.0 scenario, Washington is given Maxwell’s brigade as elite troops. One must note that light troops were the elite troops of the Napoleonic era. They were trained in marksmanship, whereas the rank and file were just drilled on reloading. Actually having troops practice with live fire was very expensive. Maxwell’s light troops were self-trained marksmen of the frontier.

After turn 6 casualties were heavy and about equal. This is not what the British were expecting to have happen.

Here among the glorious dead you can see the Hobbits of the Shire under Bilbo Baggins (actually commanded by a Took) fell in a distant land.

Cornwallis’ troops reorganize for a final assault before night fall as Knyphausen’s troops keep the pressure on Greene’s tired men.

This is a good example of chit draw affecting the battle. Abercromby’s troops were not able to attack before Maxwell and Strand could draw fresh men and equipment from their Baggage Train and recover. With only one turn left, there is no way Howe can reach the American bags. He needs to inflict 50% losses or he fails.

Turn 8, the final drive!
A major British Victory! The Rebels lost two more units and the British win!

This was really close and not decided until the last combat of the last turn.

Nevertheless, the victory was far too Pyrrhic for the British. One more victory like that and Congress will win the war!

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