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Here is where you can ask me any rules questions regarding any Pub Battles games. If I don’t know the answer, I will communicate with the design team and get back to you. I have been around since the first title “Brandywine” was made available to the public.

2 thoughts on “Rules Questions

  1. Greetings from Spain.
    I’m jumping into this system with the Gettysburg game, and have some rules issues, and googleing I came to your blog. It’s really nice and very useful.
    However there are still some questions I cannot answer, and I would really appreciate your help.
    1. Going into/out of column road formation. Ir costs 1/3 movement to go into column, but if I start the movement of a unit in column: can I move and then go in combat formation? Would it cost 1/3 of the “extended” road column?
    2. Combat and flanking. If one unit is charged at his front and back, would you resolve simultaneously the attack from both flanking and front unit, rolling six dice (3 hitting at 4+ and 3 hitting at 3+)?
    What about the flanked unit. Can it fight back to his flank? Or just to his front?
    Thanks a Lot in advance, and sorry for my english.
    Kind regards: Juan.


    1. Juan,

      First off, I’m sorry I didn’t respond to this sooner, I just saw it.

      You would need a full third of your original movement. The rules are kept short by not trying to specifically address every possible abuse. If your opponent were trying to do that, would you allow it?

      You would resolve them one unit at a time. The defender only gets to fire once each round, the defender fires at the same time as the first attacker, but he doesn’t have to fire at that attacker.

      So, imagine a defender attacked from the front and flank. The attacker wants to attack from the flank first in hopes of eliminating the defender in one round. The defender would rather attack the unit to its front since it wouldn’t suffer the minus 1.

      Since the rolls are simultaneous, even if the defender is eliminated, he still gets his attack for that round.

      Let’s say that both units roll really bad and score no hits. The unit in front of the defender still gets to fire this round. He rolls and the defender suffer the results without firing back, as he has already fired this round.

      Sorry for the late reply!

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

      If you don’t feel I have understood your English (which seems flawless to me) you can always try asking again in Espanol. My Spanish is poor, pero mi amigo mejor adonde vive para Valencia, and he might be able to ayudame.



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