My Gettysburg Victory Conditions

Victory Conditions are difficult to come up with. What was the goal of the commanders going into the battle? Did this change during the battle? Defeating the opponents army is always a good idea, but if that’s the only condition, why would you attack? Just grab some good terrain and hold it. To this day, many heated discussions can be had over who won a certain battle!

Gettysburg can be particularly tough since neither commander planned on fighting there; Both were dragged in somewhat reluctantly. So what constitutes Victory?

The current Victory Conditions are simply to be the first to destroy 50% of the enemy’s army for a major victory and to simply total and compare losses for a minor victory. While technically accurate, this simply rewards cautious defensive play. Yawn.

I keep the Sudden death Victory conditions of being the first to destroy 50% of the opponents army for Victory.

Failing that, the winner is the army that is the only army within 1/3 infantry move of Cemetery Hill at the end of Day 3.

2 thoughts on “My Gettysburg Victory Conditions

  1. This victory conditions improve IMO the official ones. As you said technically correct but something is missing, it not only a question of maths or numbers, strategical objectives were as important. On the other hand it is also hard to define the victory conditions in the other pub battes games in the series, including new ones to come. How to determine who is the victor so that the game is more interesting? not an easy task really.


  2. You are correct! Good victory conditions can be so tough. Many designer’s claim it is the toughest part.

    Especially since, to this day, many historians are arguing over who won this battle or that. Many battles end with both sides claimi g victory.

    We even considered (half seriously) deciding who won was to be discussed over ales at whatever pub you were playing these games at!

    I am still testing how these new conditions work out, but early indications are good. If these work well, you will probably see them in other games.

    How did gaming at the club go?


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